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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ashleigh's Quilt

Our beautiful elder daughter Ashleigh turned 25 recently and I gave her the top of a quilt for one of her gifts and then had to take it back home to have it quilted!    This is Ash and her gorgeous partner Tim who has now been a part of our family for over 10 years!    Happy belated birthday to our gorgeous girl!

I made this quilt "Bali Dreaming" out of lots of different batik Balinese fabrics which are some of Ash's favourites!  She loved the colours and the quilt!    This was made in a class I did with Debbie who also quilted the quilt for me.    I thought she could use it as a lounge quilt and wrap herself in it and dream about the many trips to Bali she has enjoyed!   She is a bit like me - in fact I think we bred "summer" children in our house - no one likes winter - we all love the summer weather!!

A bit of a close up of some of the fabrics and squares!   I just have to sew the binding on which I stitched together last night and it will be finished when I make the label - hopefully in time to give to her this weekend!   Only 2 weeks late!   Not to worry!  Been a little bit hectic with Stitching on the Bay, work, class samples, family, etc. etc.   Can't think of any other excuses at the moment!! 


  1. Your Bali Quilt is Beautiful..the close-up really shows some of the Fabrics...
    Lovely Couple..

  2. Fiona, what a gorgeous quilt. Love the stained glass window effect. The batiks really are beautiful, aren't they?

    Regards, Sue


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