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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Stitching on the Bay

We had a great day at "Stitching on the Bay" yesterday!   We stitched, we laughed and we ate very very well!   Thanks Maree and Lynne for the beautiful food!    After setting up the hall on Friday, we enjoyed lunch by the waterfront in Batemans Bay - a perfect venue - me, Karen, Maree (caterer) and Sylvia! 

I enjoyed welcoming Jenny and Maria back this time - they were overseas last year when we held this event - it was great to see them again!

Beautiful flowers on the lunch table!

Ros busy tracing her project!

Sisters Jan and Helen studying their notes!

The painting table was busy as the ladies painted their wooden buttons and colour washed their fabric for embroidery!

Sisters Dale and Tracy caught up with Sylvia for a chat!

Margaret quietly stitching!

Karen and Renate ironing little shapes onto their felt needlecases!

Shirley and Lyn enjoying their stitching time together!

Sue and Tricia took some time out from their hectic stitching schedule to pose for the camera!

We really did enjoy a fabulous day - I took lots of photos so will share some more with you tomorrow!
We had a huge 6 hour training walk today for a big trek we have coming up, so I'm off for an early night now!   I hope you enjoyed your weekend - whatever you did!!


  1. Thank you Fiona and Sylvia for a great day...I am busily trying to finish off my needlecase...I had a great day girls...Love Dzintra

  2. lots of happy people by the looks of the pics.........

  3. Looks like lots of creative fun!


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