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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Works in Progress and Floral Abundance!

I have been trying to finish off some of my projects which are "just for me"!!    Have managed a bit of stitching on my Vignette quilt!!   Not as much as I would like to have finished - but working through it anyway!  It is just lovely to pick up and stitch a little bit every day!

I'm loving the colours I'm stitching in and of course the Nancy Halvorsen fabrics which border the design!    Wishing I had more time to stitch!

I'm drawing some inspiration from some of the flowers in my garden at the moment!   These orchids have absolutely no love and attention all year and suddenly spring forth with these beautiful flowers!  Amazing!

And the colours in this orchid are just divine!

Finished off a couple more of my Tis the Season blocks - ready for borders!

The vibrant colours in these bottle brush are so lovely - now the rain has gone and the sun is trying to come out!

The grevillea are flourishing!

And the proteas are waterlogged but surviving nevertheless!    It was nice to get out and about yesterday after the rain - a 6 hour training walk was just what was needed - up and down mountains!   And off we go again today to the same thing!   Not much stitching - but maybe an hour or two tonight as I rest my weary legs on the lounge!!  Have a great Sunday!



  1. Your WIPs are beautiful! Love the flower pictures--so many different species than what I've seen here or in the US.

  2. Your stitching is lovely...as are the flowers!

  3. Your Vignette quilt is gorgeous. Love your colour choices. Fabulous flower photos too. Lovely to have so much inspiration in your garden.


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