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Monday, October 3, 2011

Back Home !!

Finally we have arrived back home today on the very beautiful south coast of New South Wales!   We flew in early this morning from Bangkok and gee it's so nice to be home!!   Travelling certainly makes you appreciate the cleanliness of your own bathroom, the fresh vegetables and the barbecue which will be cooking shortly.    We took lots of photos and I thought I would share some - many of you have written to find out where I was and then again to check on my health - still not 100% but on the road to recovery!   

Here we are at the top of the Thorung La Pass in Nepal at 5416m!   We made it!!    Bitterly cold and freezing winds - stayed there just long enough to take some photos and then head down!!

The day after we crossed over the pass - in a gorgeous little ancient village called Jharkot, Nepal!

It was as though time stood still in this village - on this morning we watched the locals harvest a whole field of potatoes with two oxen - and then they cooked some up for us - absolutely delicious!!

This is the Fishtail Mountain outside of Pokhara in Nepal!

Celebrating our return to Bangkok where we caught up with our youngest daughter who was also heading south to a beach somewhere!!

So this is where the rest and relaxation began - Hua Hin - in a pool villa - I did spend lots of time in our own little pool!

I also spent lots of time lying on the day bed shack and reading books and recuperating!!    I'll share more photos in the next few days .... when the unpacking and washing is complete!!   Back to work tomorrow .... where did that month go???


  1. Welcome home, Fiona. Bet the barbecue was good!! No matter where you go, it's always great to get back home, isn't it? Glad you're back safe and sound.

  2. Glad you're safely home and starting to feel better. Don't overdo!

  3. It's lovely to travel but there's no place etc......... Lovely pictures! Hope the washing is safely put away!

  4. What fabulous pictures and what a journey, would love to see all those places ~ thanks for sharing xxx

  5. Outside of falling ill, this looks like an amazing journey!

  6. So glad you are home safely and feeling better. Take it easy at work!

  7. Welcome back! Congrats on the success of your trek. It looks amazing!

  8. Home is always the best place. Your trek and relaxing holiday destinations look amazing.
    Missed reading your blog while you were away.


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