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Thursday, October 6, 2011

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Well I have finally opened all the mail that accumulates when you have been away for a month!!  A big job which has taken a few days!!  I was so excited to find some lovely stitching bits and pieces in the mail (makes a nice change from bills!!).    Issue 4 of "Vignette" arrived while I was away and I have spent time today browsing through it!  I love Leanne's photography and projects and am now inspired to keep stitching on my "vignette in stitches" quilt!   Love the cover too!

"Be grateful for simple blessings" - a stitchery project from this issue of "Vignette"!  Another something to add to the list of things to do and it uses the lovely Cosmo Seasons Threads.

Another gorgeous stitchery using the Cosmo threads!

As I'm just resting up at home today I have enjoyed a really good browse through Anni Downs "Some Kind of Wonderful" which I had bought before I went away but hadn't really had the time to delve into!    I love just about everything in this book!!

I have already looked at my fabrics to work out what I might be able to use for the "Some Kind of Wonderful" quilt.   I'm going to stitch with the Stitch A Long group again - very motivational and it makes me accountable for finishing the projects!   I just have to finish off my last Stitch A Long project - Tis the Season - first!!!

I have stitched the small embroideries for this bag - but am yet to put it together!

And I have nearly stitched the outside of this pincushion too!

And maybe I'll add this to the collection also!

And yet another lovely project I received in the mail whilst away was my Block 3 of the Saltbox Farm quilt from The Birdhouse!!  I'm thinking the next few months could be very very busy!!!


  1. Welcome back Fiona!!! Lots of lovely projects there for you..look forward to seeing them...I always admire your work...sorry I won't be there for the next couple of stitching mornings...tied up with some grandchildren sitting and next week is Carers Week and there is a special trip organized...so hopefully will see you after that...until then, Happy Stitching...love Dzintra xo

  2. Oh, but what a fun kind of very busy! Can't say which of all those great projects I like best; maybe the be thankful for small blessings, just because of the sentiment. Oh, and I'd love to be drinking tea from the cup on the Vignette cover with the little red birds, haha. So glad you're back home safely and feeling better.

  3. stop teasing yourself with the new SAL.......get the TTS done first.......then you can start playing........lol.......always a change catching up when you have been away.........take things very easy...........sitting quietly stitching.......

  4. Your hands are going to be very very busy with this list of projects! they are all lovely I am glad you are back so that we can see all these finished projects!
    I found your blog surfing through Chooky`s SS list

  5. hmmm you are going to be very busy indeed!!!


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