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Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Back to work today .... but here are some more photos of our trip ..... some spectacular scenery along the trail we walked!

Around every corner there was a beautiful view and some amazing history!

As it was the end of the rainy season in Nepal, we came across many waterfalls, and even had to walk through and under some!

The sky was so blue and the mountains so high!

This was a view out of our bedroom window one afternoon! 

Having embroidered hollyhocks for years, it was lovely to find such a gorgeous display of "real" ones along the trail!

Love the contrast of the ancient building and the brightly coloured flowers!

And who said women don't multi task??   This lady was enjoying the harvesting of potatoes in Jharkot village!   For about 6 hours some of the villagers harvested potatoes and carried them into a storage shed - the tiny baby on this lady's back didn't stop her from getting stuck into the job at hand!

And this magnificent display of colourful orchids was in the hotel foyer in Bangkok!


  1. Fantastic photos! Thank you so much for sharing!


  2. Breathtaking photos!! Looks like it was an amazing trip.

  3. loving all the pics........spectacular country.......


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