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Canvas Biscornu

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Friday, October 7, 2011

Stitching on the Lake Projects

Not long now until "Stitching on the Lake" which Sylvia and I organise in Canberra throughout the year!   We have two days coming up - Saturday 15th October and Saturday 22nd October 2011 - and from all reports, you ladies are excited about the prospect of a day to yourselves - stitching and chatting (with a little bit of eating!!)   Speaking of which - the caterers are organised and excited too!!  The projects are ...... this canvas work decoration (which I have made into a bookmark)!

A tiny Santa Bear Ornament!

A Christmas Joy Decoration!

A Felt Decoration!

Christmas Hexagons!

And more Christmas Hexagons!

And a gorgeous Oh Christmas Tree stitchery!    We hope something here "tickles your fancy" and we look forward to seeing our first group of ladies on 15th October!!   These photos are just to give you an idea of any colours or fabrics you might wish to bring along with you - don't forget to bring your cameras for some more close up photos of the projects and of course your stitching friends!!


  1. Fiona: Your ornaments are lovely very good choices for your stitching day.

  2. Great projects...you will have such fun!

  3. Looking forward to a great day Fiona - which project to do first??? See you soon, Sue :)


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