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Monday, October 24, 2011

Stitching on the Lake Week 2

We had another fabulous day in Canberra on Saturday at our second Stitching on the Lake day!  The ladies were very keen to stitch ... and eat ... and chat!!!   Thanks to our fantastic caterers Maree and Lynne for the beautiful food .... it was sooooo good .... but I didn't take any photos of the food this time (obviously in far too much of a hurry to eat it!!)    Here is one of the finished Christmas decorations - beautifully finished!!

And Laurelle managed to finish off her canvas work on the day too - great colours!

Here is part of the Hobbysew display which Terrie bought along so that we could do some retail therapy!

I spotted this beautiful mat on the Hobbysew table - which I now know was stitched by my dear friend Sylvia (and not Najelle - sorry)!!   And she does beautiful tiny stitches too!!!

Table 2 were ready to go with their Christmas Tree and munchies!!

And while this mum stitched .....

The terribly cute Patrick slept the day away peacefully!!

Sylvia and I enjoyed the day immensely and even managed to get our photo taken at one stage!

Jane - quietly stitching !

 And Jenny really enjoyed learning about canvas work!

Here is her work in progress on the day!   It should be finished by now - is it Jenny????

Jan, Donna, Sue and Jo enjoyed the day - here is Sylvia helping Donna master that stitch!!    We did have a fabulous day and look forward to doing it all again next year!   The exciting news is that we have planned a Weekend Retreat for August next year which we are really looking forward to!  Hope you all are too!!


  1. Great photos Fiona. Please note that the stitched mat was stitched by me and I am very complimented to think you thought it was Najelle's stitching!

  2. Sorry Sylvia - the mat was beautiful and I thought it was najelle's!!! I have corrected it now - sorry - I should have known those tiny tiny stitches were yours!!! xx

  3. wow...that was a lovely post...and the awesome pictures.. thank you for sharing

  4. another successful weekend............well done...........


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