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Thursday, November 17, 2011

"My Favourite Things" Quilt

I love it when you get organised to start a new project!!   I have joined with the "Stitch A Long" group again to work on Anni Downs beautiful "My Favourite Things" quilt from her new book "Some Kind of Wonderful"!  I love everything in the book and want to do it all !!   So ...... I had a big empty box .......... and a couple of spare hours this evening .......

And I filled it with my fabrics and threads and this most beautiful book!!

And tonight (while I waited for David to arrive home from Sydney) I decided to prepare the first few blocks!   Love the patty cakes block!   And then I just had to start stitching!!

And the cup of tea block!

Singing in the rain !!

And old blue jeans - some of my favourite things too!!    I am working my quilt with applique and blanket stitch (just because I love to blanket stitch) so I have reversed some of the blocks and put the writing on the other side of the block .... so it will be a little different from the original ..... mmmmmm ......... what a lovely evening .......after a busy day at work ......... preparing and stitching with a cup of peppermint tea!


  1. Your blocks are looking fantastic. Feel like starting mine but best do a few other things first.

  2. What a great start! This is going to be another lovely quilt!

  3. Wow Fiona.. love your work so far. It's such a beautiful quilt...


  4. looking great Fiona.....glad your able to get started.........

  5. Looking great...love how you are being super organised too!

  6. It must have been a long wait you got lots done and great work. Excellent applique you will have this done in record time!


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