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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Needlework Ladies and Beanies for Soldiers

Great to be back at Needlework this week - with lots of finishes to show from some of the ladies!   "Christmas is just around the corner"  says Shirley F !!!    Here is one gorgeous Santa who stands about 2 feet high!!

And here is Shirley F showing the three Santas she has made!  Very productive and just gorgeous!!  (And Shirley is just saying a quick hello to her beautiful daughters who read my blog!!)  Hi girls!!

Julie has finished off her candlewicked cushion which just looks fabulous!

And here are two versions of the embroidered pencil case we did a few weeks back - Olga and Julie have finished theirs off!

Still in the Christmas spirit - Audrey has finished this lovely plaited wreath to hang on her door!  How very festive!!

And this festive season we are remembering our Australian soldiers who are posted overseas and with someone in my family heading off shortly, all my ladies are madly knitting beanies to keep the whole battalion warm as they head into the very much cooler weather!   Thankyou ladies - I am deeply touched by your generosity of spirit and your willingness to support and care for our men and women!  They will love this huge box of beanies when it arrives overseas!   If anyone else wants to knit a beanie or two for our soldiers, please email me for the pattern and details. 


  1. Lovely work by all the ladies! Those Santas are adorable! I love the beards on them.
    I think your knitted beanies for the troops is a wonderful idea. I'm sure they'll be thrilled when they receive them.

  2. Always lovely to see what you & your friends are up to!

  3. I love all the beanies!!!

    All the Christmas stitching is lovely - those santas are really cute!


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