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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Back to Work!

I spent this afternoon browsing again through a beautiful book the children gave me for Christmas!  It is a photo book filled with lots of photos of all our family and is really the most gorgeous gift!

When we weren't home and the children were down a while ago, they took lots of photos off my computer and made it into a photo book!

Something to treasure always .... I love family photos!

And the last of the children left this afternoon to head back to Sydney and so it's just David and I with our new little addition Nala!   Back to work tomorrow morning for me .... all good holidays must come to an end!

But at least she is well enclosed with the fence we have built to keep her in!   I have done a little stitching, but can't show it yet .... maybe in the next couple of days!  


  1. Great photobook! I have just purchased a couple online to do as gifts for next year. There was a special on them and I thought they were a great idea!
    Nala is so cute! What type of dog is she?

  2. Love th Family book, it is sad when the holidays come to an end, Nala is adorable.

  3. What a special gift. Nala is so cute!! Good luck going back to work today.


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