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Thursday, January 26, 2012


Happy Australia Day to everyone celebrating in Australia!   We have enjoyed a lovely day with friends Bruce and Sylvia from Canberra!    The morning started with a walk along the beach!    Lamingtons for morning tea!!   For those who don't know - lamingtons are a bit of a tradition in our house on Australia Day - beautifully light sponge, covered in chocolate and coconut -  delicious!!  Love the Australian serviettes!!

Prawns (or shrimp for the Americans) for lunch!  Washed down with a nice white wine!

And a walk along the beaches .... again!!

A little bit of stitching and a lot of talking also!!

And Nala trying to hide behind an Australia Day hat!


  1. Happy Australia Day to you.:)
    The weather seems very sunny there.Here is very cold and windy and now it is a little snowing...

  2. I think Nala is trying to put it on. ;)


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