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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Morning Beach Walk with Nala and "My Favourite Things" Quilt

Whilst I'm on a bit of a roll with "My Favourite Things" quilt, I prepared and ironed on the blocks for March - all ready to pick up and stitch when I feel like it!

Had to stop doing that quilt above because I'm also working on another little project with these beautiful fabrics and large ric rac braid!

7am this morning on a beach somewhere on the south coast of New South Wales .....  a gorgeous man (my husband) and our dog taking a walk ...... just a beautiful morning down here and not a soul on the beach!

She's a water baby and a true labrador .... loves to swim and chase her ball through the water!   However she does look like a drowned rat when she gets out!!


  1. What a gorgeous place for a walk. Can't believe how much you have done on your SKOW!

  2. Your March blocks look great. I've just prepared all my February blocks... slowly but surely I'll get them appliqued but might leave the piecing 'til later.

  3. 'Favourite things' is looking lovely & I'm deeply envious of your beach walk.

  4. I love the fabrics.:)
    And I would like to take a walk in the mornin near the seaside,too.:0
    I always wanted to live at the seaside.As a little girl I dreamed of it...:)
    Your Labrador is too cute.We have one too.:)

  5. oh i LOVE the colours you are using in your my favourite things quilt....and the other project looks very intriguing, nice fabrics....

    what a lovely shot of your husband and Nala

    i used to live on the south coast, in Bemboka, we used to go to Tathra when we needed our beach fix.....

  6. I love your getting ready to quilt project I sure hope you post a finish picture, the other project with the beautiful colors is so romantic looking, I love large ric rack.
    The picture of the sand looks so inviting I live in the frozen tundra Minnesota it is a balmy 16 degrees here today.

  7. Your SKOW quilt is looking lovely. I was going to join in the stitch-a-long but unfortunately it is full. I have the book and may follow along myself anyway!
    I love seeing the photos of where you live - I am hoping to relocate there soon. Nala looks so happy.


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