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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Needlework Preparation and Nala at 10 weeks!

Although we have had a full house for the weekend I managed to get a little bit of stitching done yesterday afternoon and some organisation in progress for the coming months of our Needlework group!     I nearly finished the front of this little canvas work scissor keeper which we will be stitching in February - with thanks to Sylvia for sharing her design with me for my ladies!!

Canvas and threads ready for stitching on top of my sewing basket!!

I also organised some applique for the next month of "My Favourite Things" quilt!   All ready to blanket stitch and assemble!

I put them into my sewing pocket which I love!

Adorned with beautiful stitchery - this was a gift from Sylvia a few years ago and I like keeping my most current project in it!!

And this little cutie was 10 weeks old yesterday - she has kept everyone amused all weekend with her antics and the girls can't believe how much she has grown in the past two weeks since they went back to Sydney!   They tell me they will be coming down every two weeks now to check on her progress!!!  Let's see if that happens!!


  1. Hi Fiona. Well done getting so many things underway. I just got some canvas out myself to start working on a new project. Nala is looking so cute!

  2. You've got lots of pretty projects on the go!

    Your puppy is adorable!

  3. Nala has such a gorgeous little face. Reminds me of when our black labrador was young. Ours still has a gorgeous face - just a little grey around the edges!

  4. You are keeping very busy....love your projects and Nala is a cutie...

  5. The projects you have lined up look wonderful!

    Nala is absolutely adorable! I'll bet she's a lot of fun.

  6. Hello!
    I returned to your blog to congratulate on your beautiful works.:)
    Your puppy is too cute.:)


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