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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Blogging Journal Arrived and One Happy Winner!!

I can't believe it is February 1 already!!  Where did January go??  I was really pleased to receive my Blogging Journal in print yesterday afternoon and less than 2 weeks after I had ordered it!!  I ordered my past year of blogging through Blog to Print which is based in the USA.   It's great to have a printed journal of what has been happening over the past year and this is my third journal of my blogging journey!     The cover is a bit different to my previous ones - I chose the "memories" cover ..... and on the front is one of my canvas work creations!

And on the back cover are my four treasures ..... Elliott, Chelsea, Ashleigh and Sam!!

I love that the pages are clear and the pictures are great and I had a great time last night looking back over my 2011 year and what filled in my time!

If you have a blog, this is a great way to keep your diary as a family keepsake!

I'm sure there were more than 365 days in the last year .... I seem to have packed a bit into it!!

And it was really nice to receive such a lovely email from JANE yesterday who was really excited about having won my giveaway .......  

"Oh what wonderful news, lucky lucky me.

I'm thrilled to be the winner of your lovely giveaway and will certainly put all the items to very good use.  I've watched your progress on 'Tis the Season and love the finished quilt, I can't wait to have a go myself.  Your stitching skills are wonderful and I admire your talent of matching fabric colour and designs so perfectly, I will be very honoured to be the proud owner of such items.

I live in England, I hope that will be okay to send to."
I am happy to report I have wrapped up Jane's parcel and it will be winging its way to England today!  Congratulations again Jane and many thanks to all who commented and entered ..... it's great to "meet" so many of you!


  1. Your blog book is beautiful! Must get one made too. Lucky Jane! I am sure she will love those lovely prizes.

  2. Just a question where do you get your blog printed ? ... I had a link for one years ago but they seem to be out of business now.
    congrats to Jane I am envious of such a lovely gift
    hugs Laurie

  3. Isn't it great when a winner is solo excited!
    I really should look into having one of those books made.

  4. love the blog books..........they are wonderful to look back thru...........


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