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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Weekend in Sydney

I have just returned from a few days in Sydney - enjoying the wonderful weather, going out for a beautiful breakfast and dinner and lunch - way too much to eat - good friends for company - and not a stitch in sight!     We decided to use our Christmas gift from our children - breakfast a Jonahs at Whale Beach in Sydney - and on an absolutely stunning Sydney morning - how beautiful does it look?  Here we are on the balcony overlooking Whale Beach!

The gorgeous view from our table (taken through the window) - doesn't get much better than this!   We went with good friends Ray and Kerry and celebrated Ray's 60th birthday as well!!

Exceptional fruit salad for starters!

Croissants ...... mmmmmmm !!

I forgot to take a photo of my dill and fetta omelette which was scrumptious!   But here are David and I enjoying fresh mango juice to start!! 

A yummy latte!

Then a bit later on - in fact much later on - we enjoyed lunch overlooking Walsh Bay in Sydney - a favourite Italian restaurant now !! 

The spectacular view over Walsh Bay!    Then a long drive home through a big thunderstorm and driving rain!!  Home now - off to bed - no stitching done - so will have to play catch up on the stitching during this week!  


  1. It is great to see my old home town looking so wonderful - it is way too long since we last got down there. Take care.

  2. It looks like a great time. It's important to take time to spend together. That latte looks wonderful!


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