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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Saturday Stroll on the Beach and a new Bishop!!

We have had a lovely day which started with an early morning walk along the beach - then headed off to Goulburn for the consecration of our Parish Rector as Bishop of the South Coast!   The consecration was held at St Saviour's Anglican Cathedral in Goulburn!   Not a cloud in the sky and such a beautiful old cathedral!  

Inside some of the stained glass windows were spectacular!

This one was right beside us!

After a gorgeous lunch in Goulburn we headed back down to the coast and off to the beach for another walk with Nala - not walking here but loving cuddles with me!!

Here is David trying to get her to sit and drop the ball she chases!

Such an obedient little puppy!

And loving chasing through the waves after her red ball!!   And as for stitching .... well nothing to report today!   Perhaps this evening .....

Friday, March 30, 2012

Lyn's Christmas Quilt

Lyn shared her beautifully finished quilt recently with all the ladies at the Quilting Luncheon.   She then bought it along to Needlework to show all the ladies there and it really is spectacular!  She has done the most beautiful work and the photos do not do it justice!!   This is of course based on the twelve days of Christmas!

The gorgeous "partridge in a pear tree" - centre block!!

And here we have 12 drummers drumming!!

And two turtle doves!!   Lyn has appliqued all these pieces by hand, assembled by hand, and quilted by hand!!  What a mammoth job to undertake and complete so beautifully!!   And her blanket stitching is so uniform and very close together - it looks like machine buttonhole!!  Thanks for sharing this gorgeous project with us Lyn!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Afternoon Organisation!!

I am fortunate to have an afternoon at home this afternoon and I am sorting out a bit of stuff in my sewing room!!   I have made myself a big coffee in this gorgeous orange travelling coffee mug - a gift from Maree at Christmas time!!   She knows I love orange!!

I bought these great little boxes from Hobbysew last week whilst in Canberra and am filling one with my bobbins and the other with sundry threads!

I received a parcel in the mail today - a Swag Bag kit from Sue Spargo!  I love all her designs!!

And I'm being very very tempted by the flyer accompanying the parcel - a 2 week quilting cruise to New Zealand in January 2013 - with Sue Spargo teaching, as well as the gorgeous Sue Daley who I did a class with a couple of weeks ago!!    Sounds very very tempting!!

And here is a cute bag made by Margaret with the scraps from her quilt she is making after doing a class recently!    Colours are great!

This is the reverse side of the bag and Margaret has been practising her machine quilting!!  OK - back to the tidying up now!!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Family Weekend and Other Things!

We had a nice weekend in Sydney with three of our four children !!  The weather was good and the food was great!    Happy Birthday today to Elliott who wasn't there - he is overseas at the moment and we have just had a lovely Skype session with him this evening!   24 years ago this very day ...... this gorgeous boy was born .... here we are enjoying breakfast out in Perth last year!    Can't wait till he comes home and we can celebrate properly!!

While David was working in the city on Friday, I had a couple of hours to wander .... and I had a lovely wander through the Strand Arcade .... so beautiful!

I can see a patchwork theme happening here!!

And the chairs were all beautifully decorated with flowers, feathers and fruit!   Whoops .... is that a shopping bag I see there in the foreground??

And when we arrived home this little treasure (not that little any more) was waiting and had missed us !!   She won't leave us alone now!

And tonight I am re-acquainting myself with the Vignette Issue 6 which arrived last week and which only had time to flick through quickly before we left for Sydney!

I'm thinking there might have to be a road trip to Victoria because of all the beautiful patchwork shops!

And I must get a bit of a hurry along with my Vignette quilt ..... this is going to look great when finished!!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Queanbeyan Stitching Girls

It's always lovely to share stitching times with friends from afar and we were lucky to have some of our Queanbeyan friends visit our Needlework group this week - not once but twice - they are so very keen!!!   They bought along some lovely finished pieces to show us and inspire us ....   This is Jeanette's lovely little sewing bag and pincushion made by Joanne for her last Christmas!  Love the fabrics and embroidery!

A gorgeous Christmas quilt!

Loved this little embroidered house quilt .... "As for me and my house we will serve the Lord"

Beautiful embroidery on your houses Jeanette!

Love all the different houses and gardens!

This photo is not too clear but the redwork stitching is gorgeous!

And this is Rhonda's coloured version of the same quilt above!

Again the stitching is beautiful!

And Rhonda had made a gorgeous little hanging with stitched verses that can be changed!

Gorgeous fabrics and a very cute project!

And above all a reminder for us all to .... give thanks .... for good friends!

This is Rhonda on the left, Shirley in the background, Jeanette and Dawn ... all stitching together and having a lovely time!

And I had to share these beautiful flowers from my gorgeous husband to be celebrate our 32 nd wedding anniversary!    I'm blessed!

How beautiful are the colours in these flowers and these perfect little apricot roses have decided to come out today and show their true beauty!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Lovely Embroidery

One of the lovely things about the stitching days is all the lovely sewing bits and pieces that the ladies use .... it's always nice to see such lovely little bags and needlecases and carry alls etc ...... Joanne made her group of stitching girls a lovely little zippered purse to put their sewing goods in complete with a matching pincushion !   Isn't this gorgeous - this one belongs to Joanne and it is sitting on the folder cover we made last year !

She made this gorgeous purple one for her friend Pam who is simple a "purple" girl - very appropriate!

And this one for Rhonda!  Aren't they lucky??

Another group of girls get together and each made a bag for the other using the same pattern!  This one has been beautifully painted for Natalie!

And another purple version made especially for Lynn!   More lucky girls!!

This gorgeous needlecase was beautifully stitched also!

And Karen was making this beautiful little jacket for a special little girl from a pattern by "Faeries in My Garden".   This will make one little girl very happy ..... and she has another two granddaughters to stitch for as well!!    All beautiful work and very inspiring ...  we had a great show and tell as well from lots of the ladies which was fun!    

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Stitching on the Lake

Sylvia and I had a great day with all the ladies at Stitching on the Lake in Canberra yesterday!   And while the cat's away ..... so the saying goes ..... my husband, youngest daughter and father-in-law all decided to go skydiving!   Not so amazing really .... but my father in law is 90 years of age!! Will have to share some photos of that at a later date!!    We have a fabulous time organising our stitching days and it is great when the day arrives and all the ladies have such an enjoyable time!  Here we are in front of the gorgeous Quilt Aid quilt which Terrie bought along from Hobbysew at Belconnen with some of her lovely wares!

Our projects up on the board .... ready to inspire!

The lolly dish at Table 1 was full ..... for a short time only!!

Before the ladies arrived ... that's Terrie from Hobbysew setting up in the back of the room!

Some of the gorgeous fabrics from Hobbysew!

Lovely little bits and pieces on the Hobbysew stall ... some of these had to come home with me!!

More beautiful fabrics!

Lynne and Sammy catered beautifully for the day ... here are the yummy banana muffins and chocolate and coconut treats for morning tea!!   All the food was beautiful .... but I won't spoil the surprise for the next Stitching Day ladies in April!!

Exquisite Proteas from Lynne's garden decorated the table!

Some of the ladies hard at work ... here is Sylvia helping out with a project!

A happy table of stitchers!!

We coloured in one project with my favourite Derwent pencils!

More happy ladies!    We had a thoroughly enjoyable day and are really looking forward to the next day in April in Canberra!!    I have some more photos to share tomorrow!!