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Monday, March 26, 2012

Family Weekend and Other Things!

We had a nice weekend in Sydney with three of our four children !!  The weather was good and the food was great!    Happy Birthday today to Elliott who wasn't there - he is overseas at the moment and we have just had a lovely Skype session with him this evening!   24 years ago this very day ...... this gorgeous boy was born .... here we are enjoying breakfast out in Perth last year!    Can't wait till he comes home and we can celebrate properly!!

While David was working in the city on Friday, I had a couple of hours to wander .... and I had a lovely wander through the Strand Arcade .... so beautiful!

I can see a patchwork theme happening here!!

And the chairs were all beautifully decorated with flowers, feathers and fruit!   Whoops .... is that a shopping bag I see there in the foreground??

And when we arrived home this little treasure (not that little any more) was waiting and had missed us !!   She won't leave us alone now!

And tonight I am re-acquainting myself with the Vignette Issue 6 which arrived last week and which only had time to flick through quickly before we left for Sydney!

I'm thinking there might have to be a road trip to Victoria because of all the beautiful patchwork shops!

And I must get a bit of a hurry along with my Vignette quilt ..... this is going to look great when finished!!


  1. The floor ist great and I love your Puppy.
    Grit from Germany

  2. Fiona,
    We have plenty in common! My family and friends inspire me, I love stitchery, I have enjoyed sewing and quilting and appreciate all the blessings and talents the Lord has given me. I truly love looking at your blog!
    Heart hugs,


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