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Monday, March 19, 2012

Lovely Embroidery

One of the lovely things about the stitching days is all the lovely sewing bits and pieces that the ladies use .... it's always nice to see such lovely little bags and needlecases and carry alls etc ...... Joanne made her group of stitching girls a lovely little zippered purse to put their sewing goods in complete with a matching pincushion !   Isn't this gorgeous - this one belongs to Joanne and it is sitting on the folder cover we made last year !

She made this gorgeous purple one for her friend Pam who is simple a "purple" girl - very appropriate!

And this one for Rhonda!  Aren't they lucky??

Another group of girls get together and each made a bag for the other using the same pattern!  This one has been beautifully painted for Natalie!

And another purple version made especially for Lynn!   More lucky girls!!

This gorgeous needlecase was beautifully stitched also!

And Karen was making this beautiful little jacket for a special little girl from a pattern by "Faeries in My Garden".   This will make one little girl very happy ..... and she has another two granddaughters to stitch for as well!!    All beautiful work and very inspiring ...  we had a great show and tell as well from lots of the ladies which was fun!    


  1. Beautiful!!!! I like all what you do! Great blog! Hello from Russia, Nika

    1. All things are sooo beautiful. I love your Blog.
      Greatings from Germany Grit

  2. lovely things ... just what I like to make into smalls in a big way at present moment. hugs laurie


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