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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Saturday Stroll on the Beach and a new Bishop!!

We have had a lovely day which started with an early morning walk along the beach - then headed off to Goulburn for the consecration of our Parish Rector as Bishop of the South Coast!   The consecration was held at St Saviour's Anglican Cathedral in Goulburn!   Not a cloud in the sky and such a beautiful old cathedral!  

Inside some of the stained glass windows were spectacular!

This one was right beside us!

After a gorgeous lunch in Goulburn we headed back down to the coast and off to the beach for another walk with Nala - not walking here but loving cuddles with me!!

Here is David trying to get her to sit and drop the ball she chases!

Such an obedient little puppy!

And loving chasing through the waves after her red ball!!   And as for stitching .... well nothing to report today!   Perhaps this evening .....


  1. You are lucky to be next a beach !!!
    You seem to had a lovely day !

  2. I attend an Anglican church here in Canada and I love taking pics of the stained glass windows. They're all so beautiful!

    Loved the photos of Nala! She is really growing!
    Has she tried to swim yet?


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