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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Stitching on the Lake

Sylvia and I had a great day with all the ladies at Stitching on the Lake in Canberra yesterday!   And while the cat's away ..... so the saying goes ..... my husband, youngest daughter and father-in-law all decided to go skydiving!   Not so amazing really .... but my father in law is 90 years of age!! Will have to share some photos of that at a later date!!    We have a fabulous time organising our stitching days and it is great when the day arrives and all the ladies have such an enjoyable time!  Here we are in front of the gorgeous Quilt Aid quilt which Terrie bought along from Hobbysew at Belconnen with some of her lovely wares!

Our projects up on the board .... ready to inspire!

The lolly dish at Table 1 was full ..... for a short time only!!

Before the ladies arrived ... that's Terrie from Hobbysew setting up in the back of the room!

Some of the gorgeous fabrics from Hobbysew!

Lovely little bits and pieces on the Hobbysew stall ... some of these had to come home with me!!

More beautiful fabrics!

Lynne and Sammy catered beautifully for the day ... here are the yummy banana muffins and chocolate and coconut treats for morning tea!!   All the food was beautiful .... but I won't spoil the surprise for the next Stitching Day ladies in April!!

Exquisite Proteas from Lynne's garden decorated the table!

Some of the ladies hard at work ... here is Sylvia helping out with a project!

A happy table of stitchers!!

We coloured in one project with my favourite Derwent pencils!

More happy ladies!    We had a thoroughly enjoyable day and are really looking forward to the next day in April in Canberra!!    I have some more photos to share tomorrow!!


  1. Looks like great fun was had by all. CJ in OK ;-)

  2. glad everyone had a lovely time.........lots of sewing days on at the moment..........

  3. Looks like a truly wonderful day Fiona. What a dare devil, skydiving at 90! Tracee xx

  4. Great.:)It really seems you had a great time together.:)


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