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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Grandma's Sewing Machine

The sun was shining through the window yesterday afternoon (ever so briefly) and provided great light for photographing my Grandma's old treddle sewing machine.  I was fortunate to receive this beautiful old machine when Grandma passed away many years ago.   It sits inside my front door greeting visitors!

I had the machine restored a couple of years ago and it really is such a beautiful piece!   I must do some research into the actual age of the machine!   Any clues anyone??

The carving on the wooden drawers is just gorgeous!

It is of course one of the original old "Singer" treddle sewing machines and it still works!

I think Grandma would be pretty happy with where it is and how it looks right now!


  1. Very pretty! I have my Great Aunt's machine and cabinet and just love it. Not sure how old yours is, but it's a beauty!

  2. There is a site if you Google Singer Sewing Machines that if you have the number off the machine can tell you what year your machine is. I can't remember the site off-hand, but try Googling Singer Serial numbers and you should have the info you need.

    You have a beautiful machine and cabinet.

  3. Found it - here's the link:


  4. Love the old sewing machine, in fact my brother came back from India 2 weeks ago with photo's of a tailor who was still using one of these old machines. I'm trying my hand at making a cell phone cover with patchwork cloth for my mothers day gift for my mom, a replacement Tracfone LG500G qwerty keyboard phone. My mom's phone drowned in the wishy washy as she left it in her khaki pants by accident. Thank goodness it only cost $20 and $7/mnth for service. I still think the old sewing machines can go on forever like the Fords and Toyota's of old.

  5. I have my grandmother's old machine also. Yours is just beautiful.

  6. What a pretty sewing machine! :)

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  8. What a precious treasure you have! I'm sure your grandma would be tickled to see how much love and care it's been getting.

  9. As Deb said before try entering the serial number in the Singer site it will tell you the year of manufacture. I have a White treadle machine and was going to get it made over but have no idea who to take it to as I am scared it will get ruined, could I ask who you got to restore your machine? I would be interested as they are a beautiful thing to have on display

  10. Fiona: The machine looks so beautiful I to have a treadle machine, I should get it refinished.
    They are so beautiful, imagine sewing on one of those today it woulkd take sooo long to finish anything.

  11. Fiona, my old tredle machine looks identical to yours. Not sure how old it is.

  12. Your Singer looks well loved. What a treasure. I have 2 Singers, both vintage 1950s & one is my grandmothers in a table. Still trying to figure out how to get it out so I can take it in to get it working!

  13. Wonderful.:)I have my grandmother's sewing machine,too.:)A Singer,but it quite modern,it has got an engine...:)Newly added.But I do not have the table for it...unfortunately...
    All the best

  14. Your machine looks very much like my grandmother's with the exception of those lovely carved drawers. Hers didn't have the carvings. You are so lucky to have this.

  15. http://www.singerco.com/support/machine-serial-numbers

    have a look for the serial number and then go to the above site..........

    it's a beautiful machine..........


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