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Friday, April 27, 2012

Knitted Thimble Purse & Singer Sewing Machine

This is a cute little beaded and knitted thimble purse which we will be knitting up in our Needlework group in a few weeks time!   A quick knit .... but lots of fun!!

And what better backdrop than my Grandma's beautiful old Singer sewing machine!   And thankyou to everyone who sent me the link to find out what year it was made - 1926!!!   After locating the serial number I went to this site here and matched up the serial number with the relevant year!   So this family heirloom is 86 years old (and she still works like a charm)!   Apparently my Grandma was given this as a wedding gift - what a beautiful present!

I love the beautiful old style of writing on the top and you can see around the "S" where the pin scratches are .... obviously from many hours of sewing with Grandma! 

Just went out the back door to get the clothes off the clothesline and was greeted by 3 kangaroos nibbling the grass!!   

Looks like there is a baby joey in this pouch - lots of movement - but only a tiny ear sticking out of the pouch!   Baking up a bit of a storm this afternoon as we will have a full house of kids and partners for the weekend to celebrate David's birthday .... we have a bush walk planned so hoping the weather is good!


  1. I LOVE that thimble bag - wish I knit! Your sewing machine is so pretty - I do love the graphics. They just don't make 'em like they used to!

  2. Love the roo's. That sewing machine is beautiful too. My sister has her moms and grandmothers. They are just beautiful.


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