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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Lovely Finishes and Happy Birthday Sylvia!!

Happy Birthday to Sylvia for today .... celebrating another special year of stitching and friendship!!!  Sylvia and I met 30 years ago and have really been stitching together ever since .... so even though she now lives a couple of hours away "over the mountain" we get together at every opportunity to share our love of creativity and stitching!!   Here we are at a recent Stitching on the Lake day in Canberra!!  Happy Birthday and hope you have a great day Sylvia!!

My Needlework ladies never cease to amaze  .... such diversity of projects finished and all beautifully put together ..... this terribly cute teddy is for the first grandson of one of my ladies - after a long line of granddaughters!! 

Tracey has finished off this beautifully shaded cross stitch in just a couple of weeks!

Shirley H has finished off her shoe bag - a gift for someone special who likes cats - hence the fabric!!

Sue is working on placement of a quilt she learnt in a workshop a couple of weeks ago with the quilting group!   Lots of help from all the quilters this morning placing out her blocks and colours!

And Shirley's daughter is a school teacher, so Shirley made this cute this hanging for her kindergarten classroom!

A close-up of the hanging - how lovely will that look on the wall in Kindergarten??


  1. Thanks Fiona! I have just been enjoying a few lovely hours of stitching.

  2. Fiona: Beautiful stitching projects by all wow lots of diversity.
    Happy Easter


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