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Friday, May 25, 2012

Birthday presents for Chelsea!!

Now I wonder what could possibly be in this big gift !!!   I thought the paper was too bright a cheery not to post a photo of!!

Now I'm hoping Chelsea doesn't decide to check on my blog before the weekend or she will see her finished birthday gift!!!   All bound and with the label on !!

I called this quilt "I love Bali" .... simply because she does (and so do I) ....perhaps we might need another holiday to remind ourselves why we love it so much!!   I used some of the batik fabrics around the label on the back as well!

I hung this over the balcony this morning and the sun caught the quilting and although there is sun and shade in this photo .... it shows how beautiful Jenny's quilting is!   I'm hoping the birthday girl will love it too!!    Have a lovely weekend wherever you are .... we'll be enjoying the company of three out of four children this weekend (and counting down the next month until the other one returns from an overseas posting .... not long to go now!!)


  1. Hi Fiona, What a stunning quilt, made with love that shines through!
    The quilting is beautiful - I think Jenny G is the same one who quilted the hexagon quilt of Mum's that I now have.

  2. very pretty. I love the bright wrapping also

  3. Stunning and a clever mum she has, bet she loved it!


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