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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Fernhill Block 3 Arrived!

It's always so lovely to receive nice things in the mail and yesterday was no exception!  My Block 3 of Lynette Anderson's "Fernhill" quilt arrived .... I'm enjoying stitching this little project! 

The little handpainted button on each of these designs is simply gorgeous!

It was freezing here last night and this is the quilt I had over me as I stitched on the lounge (that was after I did the ironing!!)   When I folded it up this morning I looked at the label on the back and was quite surprised to see that this "Square in the Country" quilt was stitched by me in 2004!!   I love the colours and enjoyed stitching this sampler quilt using all different designs from different patterns! 


  1. That is a lovely quilt you made. :)

  2. Your quilt is beautiful - have fun stitching ;)

  3. I love this block, so sweet.
    That is a lovely quilt too.

  4. Cute block and the button is gorgeous.
    Your 2004 quilt is everything I'd want a quilt to be ~ design and colour, you are very very clever to make such beautiful pieces xxx

  5. I agree ... Fernhill is really nice to stitch !
    Your "old" quilt is very beautiful !!!


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