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Friday, May 11, 2012

Jennifer's Penny Bag

How bright and colourful is this gorgeous penny bag which Jennifer will be sharing with us at Needlework next week!   I'm lucky because she made one for me for our class sample!!   Isn't it wonderful?   I love that she knows me so well that she lined it with bright orange fabric!

The cane handles fit perfectly and all the different stitches she has used and old buttons she has decorated with are just great!   I love it Jennifer - thank you!

Shirley H. has finished off piecing together her cot quilt we made recently.   The colours look great - I think this one is going into "grandma's hope chest"!!

This is part of a special quilt I'm making for someone special  .... love the colours!

I'm loving this new book I recently acquired - "Zakka Style" compiled by Rashida Coleman-Hale.  Zakka is a Japanese term meaning "many things" .... and there are "many things" in this little book that I love!

Cute little sewing pockets ... you can never have too many of these!

A lovely little bag incorporating old doilies, cross stitch and fabric!

The back of the book has some great photos too!    I'm looking forward to celebrating Mothers Day and my birthday this weekend with some of the children coming down to join us .... hopefully the sun will shine and we will enjoy a restful couple of days!   Enjoy your weekend ... and Happy Mothers Day to all the mums out there!


  1. Love the Penny Bag, colours are so zingy and look great on the black fabric background.
    How cute is that cot quilt! Your colour choices for your quilt are lovely too, I'm sure it will be treasured by the receipient.
    Happy Mothers Day to you for the weekend

  2. That bag is stunning..Jennifer is a clever girl!

  3. Oh I do love Zakka Books too.... Projects look great. And what a stunning bag.


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