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Friday, May 18, 2012

Little Knitted Treasures

We will be playing with little knitted purses this coming week at Needlework ..... this tiny little weeny bead knitted bag is just perfect for holding a thimble and attaching to scissors!

This is a bit bigger and a little more complex with a lovely ornate clasp!

And here is one which Jeanette bought along for inspiration on Wednesday!   Looking forward to stitching up a storm this coming week!!

And how lovely is this??? Aleisha is a gorgeous girl who I work with and she made me this cute birthday cake with a difference this week ...... we all got to share the most delicious little chocolate cupcakes!!     This little wheel is part of a bigger tall stand which holds lots of cakes .... thank goodness she didn't bring in the whole thing .... we would never have got through them all!!!  mmmmmm ........


  1. I just love those beaded purses! They look like they would be difficult to do. I've never knit with beads but if this can be the result, I think I have to learn!

  2. All the beaded purses are adorable!
    Happy birthday Fiona! The cakes look delicious :)



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