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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My Patch at Milton

I'm fairly blessed to live in such a beautiful place and even more blessed to have beautiful shops close at hand ..... this one is "My Patch" at Milton.    I had to duck up there the other day and this is what greeted me ........ the hallway as you walk through the front door!

Lots of lovely little displays everywhere!

Cute coats to be made and lovely bright fabrics!

This room is filled with beautiful things!

The lovely sunroom at the rear of the cottage where Val's display of Husqvarna sewing machines for sale  is set up!

A bookshelf full of lovely books and bits and pieces!

Gorgeous lampshades and cushions .... beautiful classes!

And ranges of bright and cheery fabrics that will make you leave with a smile on your face (and less money in your wallet ..... I speak from experience here!!)

Lovely little quilt stands with equally gorgeous quilts hanging over them out on the front verandah .... these greet you as you arrive and immediately you think ..... I'm going to love this shop!

All housed in a quaint little old cottage in Milton, South Coast, New South Wales ... there is even a patchwork prayer flag out the front .... love it!

Val does an amazing mail order business as well and as I was talking with her yesterday she was madly packing up lots of bits and pieces to send away!  So .... if you can't physically visit in person, why not check out her website .... you will be truly amazed   http://www.mypatchfabrics.com.au/


  1. The new shop looks fantastic. Must visit it when I am down next time!

  2. it looks like a wonderful shop!


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