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Friday, June 29, 2012

My Favourite Things blocks

A couple more blocks completed on "My Favourite Things" quilt ... birdsong in the morning ...

Butterflies fluttering ....

And after my big bag post yesterday, I walked out into the loungeroom and found my current stitching in this lovely blue and yellow bag which has to be about 10 years old!      And I'm happy to report our son finally touched down on Australian soil after a long 8 month deployment yesterday .... looking forward to a big family reunion next week with all the children!   Have a lovely weekend!!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Bags, Bags and More Bags!!!

May Britt from Abyquilt has posted about her sewing bag collection ... whether we need as many as we have ... what do we do with them ... are they are all necessary ???   Well .... my answer is .... of course they are!!  She has asked us to show her some photos!!   I am known as a bit of a "bag lady" .... and I have counted quite a number of sewing related bags at my house this morning ....   Leanne Beasley's "Needles and Pins" bag with needle collection bag, and another bag of mine holding some of my current quilt pieces!

Anni Downs little zippered bag from her "Some Kind of Wonderful" book .... this has lots of sewing bits and pieces in it!

This bag I made ages ago and it sits on my sewing room shelf ... full of stuffing!

A recently made shoe bag for travelling!

Another recently made sewing pocket ... this one now has a little canvas work project I am working on!

Another sewing pocket made by Sylvia for me as a gift ....

It is holding my Lynette Anderson "Fernhill" stitchery that I am working on at the moment!

This little embroidered sewing purse now has needles inside it!

A fabric stash bag .... full of ..... essential fabrics!

This little zippered travelling sewing bag has little projects ... good for plane travel!

This bag is currently hanging on the back of my sewing chair in my sewing room!  It has some patterns I bought at the Craft Fair recently .... just looking for a home on a shelf somewhere!

Another sewing pocket with a special stitchery I'm working on for a friend ... this one is useful because it has a pincushion attached!

This is always close at hand ... a needlebook purse which I received as a gift at a Stitching Retreat last year!

A felted zippered purse bought in Nepal with pencils and pigma pens inside!

This is one of Rosalie Quinlans designs and made by her ... I bought it at a Stitching Day in Melbourne with Rosalie a couple of years ago and - lucky me - she was selling some of her samples!!   I had to have it because I loved the recycled doilies on the pockets .... this one is a backpack too so is handy to take for classes!

"Fiona's stash bag" is something I made a few years ago and I love the fabrics and the colours .... this has a project from a Sue Daly workshop I did a while ago ... just waiting to be finished!

This I made in Melbourne a few years ago at a class at Candleberry Country ... it has some canvas work projects I am working on!

An essential coffee mug bag I made!

And a sewing pocket with my hexagons inside which I'm stitching together!   So .... there you have it ...... lots and lots of bags and not a plastic one in sight!!   That's how I like it!!   Thanks May Britt for opening my eyes to the beauty of gorgeous sewing bags today!!  

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Penny Bag Finishes and Other Things!!

Our Needlework group is now in recess for a couple of weeks for school holidays here ..... but there were lots of special things to share last night and this morning .....  Sue's version of the Penny Bag is gorgeous ....

This is the first of Ethel's two bags she is making ...

And likewise ... Sandra is making two ... don't you love the quirky lining fabric?

This was a special moment this morning ..... and it beautifully displays the friendships in our group .... here is Karen in the red showing our most distinguished member,  Evelyn, how to make a frilly knitted scarf like the red one Karen is wearing!   Evelyn does the most beautiful embroidery and needlework and although her eyesight is slowly letting her down, her tenacity to tackle a project is amazing .... a gorgeous photo ladies!   (... and my nearly finished "My Favourite Things" quilt is hanging behind them!)

Ethel has made some lovely silk ribbon embroidered glasses cases ...

And Bev has finished off her knitted beaded purse .... see the random white bead (middle left) in amongst all those gorgeous peacock coloured beads??

Margaret showing us her bright and breezy quilt!

The colours are fabulous!

Pat's first ever quilt .... put together, quilted and with binding on .... she is now hooked .... we had to get her a cutting board, cutter and ruler at the Craft Fair ... so there will be no stopping her now!

And Pauline's lovely version of the counted thread needle roll ... she has put some gorgeous crystals into the centre of the heart ... it looks beautiful!    

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My Favourite Things Quilt

I have finished putting together the May and June blocks for My Favourite Things Quilt which I am working on with the Stitch A Long group!   It is definitely getting harder to photograph, the bigger it gets!!

I enjoyed putting the sewing block together and added some foundation pieced blocks at the bottom and sewed them into the square rather than applique on .... I added some buttons too!

The original bottom square had a cat but I just had to add "my dog" .... I got this design from a Lynette Anderson pattern .... I think it looks like our chocolate labrador, Nala, complete with her red collar!

Best friends block!   It's great to see everyone's blocks coming along and with the deadline looming, I'm on a bit of a roll!!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Stitching at Bodalla

Some more lovely photos to share of finished pieces from "Stitching at Bodalla" .... this gorgeous work pocket had been finished off by Maria!

Bodalla Embroiderers recently celebrated their 20 year anniversary and for their "20" challenge, Maria handpainted and handstitched this gorgeous mouse hanging with 20 mice completed!

A closer view ... too cute for words!

A delightful little bunny sitting atop a beautifully ribbon embroidered cushion!

Some beautiful shadow work embroidery!

Maria's sewing bag!

Ros made this lovely Japanese purse at a workshop at the Craft Fair in Sydney!

Cute little owl looking after Bev's scissors!

Ros made this colourful bag from lots of charm pack pieces!  Don't you love the old church pew which the bag is sitting on?

A very cute sewing bag which Ros had bought at Japanache!

Embroidered brooches by Maria!

And this lovely wool embroidered needle case ..... and yes .... we did eat chocolate!!!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Somewhere in Croatia .....

Somewhere in a vineyard in the hills of Croatia ...... our eldest son Sam and his gorgeous Nadia ..... enjoying the moment!      Thanks to Tommy - the budding photographer - for this beautiful photo!

Photo: Model shot 1

a lovely day ........ stitching@bodalla !!

What a lovely way to spend a Saturday ..... teaching a small group of ladies at our first "stitching @ bodalla"  day!!    Bodalla is way down south of where I live, but I have been stitching with these ladies for a long time now so it was an enjoyable trip down south to catch up with them all again!  What started out as a very chilly early morning in the Bodalla Hall turned into a fun day of stitching and stories, food and fun!!    We made the projects from our last "Stitching on the Lake" day in Canberra !!  This wasn't a project but was a gorgeous counted thread needle case which Maria had made and bought along for "show and tell" !

It's always nice to see finished off pieces from our previous stitching days .... a lovely canvas work pincushion and stitched bag!

Enjoying their stitching (or swapping stories) were Marie, Bev and Jan !

Good friends Ros and Chris happily stitching the day away!

Heads down and working hard were Maria and Jenny!

What a lovely group of friends to stitch with .... thanks for such an enjoyable day ladies .... Karel, Maria, Jenny, Beris, Meg, Ros, Chris, Marie, Bev, Bess, Helen and Jan!!

Bev was stitching up a storm under her embroidery light!

Karel's canvas work in progress on the day!

And here she is tracing another of the projects!

It was lovely to see this table runner from a previous "Stitching at the Bay" day !

And another version of the table runner, canvas work pincushion and little felt needlecase and scissor keeper!

And Maria made the ends of her table runner design into useful bags with a lovely stitched pocket ... great idea!   I did take lots of photos and will share more of the next day or so!    And yes Karel .... happy to do it all again next year!!