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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Bags, Bags and More Bags!!!

May Britt from Abyquilt has posted about her sewing bag collection ... whether we need as many as we have ... what do we do with them ... are they are all necessary ???   Well .... my answer is .... of course they are!!  She has asked us to show her some photos!!   I am known as a bit of a "bag lady" .... and I have counted quite a number of sewing related bags at my house this morning ....   Leanne Beasley's "Needles and Pins" bag with needle collection bag, and another bag of mine holding some of my current quilt pieces!

Anni Downs little zippered bag from her "Some Kind of Wonderful" book .... this has lots of sewing bits and pieces in it!

This bag I made ages ago and it sits on my sewing room shelf ... full of stuffing!

A recently made shoe bag for travelling!

Another recently made sewing pocket ... this one now has a little canvas work project I am working on!

Another sewing pocket made by Sylvia for me as a gift ....

It is holding my Lynette Anderson "Fernhill" stitchery that I am working on at the moment!

This little embroidered sewing purse now has needles inside it!

A fabric stash bag .... full of ..... essential fabrics!

This little zippered travelling sewing bag has little projects ... good for plane travel!

This bag is currently hanging on the back of my sewing chair in my sewing room!  It has some patterns I bought at the Craft Fair recently .... just looking for a home on a shelf somewhere!

Another sewing pocket with a special stitchery I'm working on for a friend ... this one is useful because it has a pincushion attached!

This is always close at hand ... a needlebook purse which I received as a gift at a Stitching Retreat last year!

A felted zippered purse bought in Nepal with pencils and pigma pens inside!

This is one of Rosalie Quinlans designs and made by her ... I bought it at a Stitching Day in Melbourne with Rosalie a couple of years ago and - lucky me - she was selling some of her samples!!   I had to have it because I loved the recycled doilies on the pockets .... this one is a backpack too so is handy to take for classes!

"Fiona's stash bag" is something I made a few years ago and I love the fabrics and the colours .... this has a project from a Sue Daly workshop I did a while ago ... just waiting to be finished!

This I made in Melbourne a few years ago at a class at Candleberry Country ... it has some canvas work projects I am working on!

An essential coffee mug bag I made!

And a sewing pocket with my hexagons inside which I'm stitching together!   So .... there you have it ...... lots and lots of bags and not a plastic one in sight!!   That's how I like it!!   Thanks May Britt for opening my eyes to the beauty of gorgeous sewing bags today!!  


  1. Fiona what great bags you have...all very beautiful...From one bag lady to another!

  2. I think a women should have as many bags.
    All of them are beautiful, if I had to pick one as my favorite I could not they are all lovely.

  3. You have a fantastic collection of bags. So much time and effort shows in each one you've made. Lovely work. You have inspired me to go and have a look at mine.

  4. Wonderful. You have so many great bags. And I guess you still need more LOL

  5. Wow, was für schöne Taschen. Eine schöner als die andere.
    Liebe Grüße Grit

  6. They are beautiful ,you can never have to many bags

  7. Wow. Fiona! Your bags are all beautiful!!!! Thanks for sharing!

  8. What a wonderful collection of bags!

  9. Thanks for joining my blog, Fiona :O)

    I looove your bags, they are so beautiful, it is a very big work!!

    My bags are not much patchwork, sometimes I also do quilting, but these days more sewing.


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