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Friday, June 22, 2012

Embroidered Purse and Craft Fair Shopping!!

I have finished off this little embroidered purse recently which was one of Sylvia's projects from our Stitching on the Lake days in Canberra earlier in the year.   Again I have used variegated DMC thread and like how it turned out !!

Here is Sylvia's version using all different colours!

I guess by now you can tell we are truly kindred spirits .... we often come up with the same ideas to make projects, and we often buy the same things!!  (you will see this further down when I show a bit of my Craft Fair shopping!!    Here we are stitching together somewhere lovely last year!

Like Sylvia (and many others) I couldn't resist Natalie Bird's new book "Red Home" .... and I just needed a little bit more red fabric so I could do ....

...... this gorgeous quilt!!

I think I ran into so many other blogging friends at Anni Downs Hatched and Patched Stall!   And of course I had to take home my own signed copy of "The Simple Life" (with a little fabric kit to make that quilt as well)!!

I spent quite some time at the Quiltmania stand looking at all the beautiful books ..... then I decided on "My Dream Quilts" (because I think that's what they'll be for some time yet ... just a dream!!) 

I needed to make Natalie Bird's "Market Day Wallet" so had to get a little bit of linen and also some lovely little prints from Studio Mio .... already on lovely cards which can be recycled for ribbons or braids later on .... good idea!!

And one day ..... I will venture into the world of Yvette Stanton's Portuguese Whitework (or perhaps I shall just visit Portugal one day soon!!??)

And who would have thought that all of those goodies would fit into this glorious Quiltmania bag !!   

And this time next week our youngest son will have returned from a very very long overseas posting .... I can hardly wait to wrap my arms around him and not let got for a while!! 


  1. The purse looks great in the variegated thread. Lovely shopping!!!!!

  2. Lovely new stash!
    The purse is fabulous!
    I am so glad that your son will be home.

  3. Such a lovely stitched purse!
    And you've bought a lot of wonderful books and fabrics - congratulations!
    I have a Market day wallet pattern, just need to find some time to make it:)


  4. Both Purses are Beautiful in there different threads...so Lovely to have such a Kindred Spirit in Sylvia..
    Love all Your Purchases you did well..
    Glad your Son is arriving home safely.

  5. nice shopping......great purses and wonderful news your boy will be home soon........I got mine yesterday.....you and Sylvia are so alike........


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