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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

More of the Sydney Craft & Quilt Show

There were some amazing pieces of work at the Sydney Craft and Quilt Show .... this wearable art was incredible .... intricate knitting and crochet pieces .... just gorgeous!

The detail and work was simply divine!

Being a bit of a licorice allsort girl .... I loved this!

So many stalls .... so little time!

The quilts went on for miles and miles!

And more!

I adore the colours and embroidery on this quilt!

A close up .... something to add to the list of "one day" things!

This Baltimore quilt was so beautifully worked and quilted!

Different cololurs which all worked well together .... extra special!

Ladies in red (Kate suggested "French General Red") .... Sylvia, Kate and I caught up at the blog meet which was great fun and lots of laughs!  


  1. Hmmm What kind of Ladies in Red were you suggesting Fiona ;)

  2. we all are drawn to different quilts..........so it is great to see lots of different ones in everyones posts.........


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