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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Needlework Ladies and Vignette Magazine

Some wild and very wet weather here saw our Needlework group meeting cancelled last night!   I came home from work to a blackout so it was stitching by candlelight for me!!  I guess that's how they used to do it before electricity!!   I've nearly finished my blocks for "My Favourite Things" quilt so I can show them soon!   In the meantime ..... it is always lovely to see what the ladies are doing and Dzintra bought along this gorgeous Bareroots design which she has finished off into a table runner!   I started this ages ago ... must go and dig it out and finish it!!

This is such a lovely design and this is the heart and star which I have already stitched ... but gone no further as other projects got in the way!

Beautiful stitching Dzintra!

She also made this gorgeous heat pillow with stitchery on it!

Pauline has put together this little knitted beaded purse - very nice also!

And Kereen has finished her little purse and attached it to her scissors .... what a great idea!

Always lovely to receive special magazines in the post and this is one of my favourites ... the latest issue of Vignette arrived yesterday!   Love the cover!

Such gorgeous photography and inspiration in the pages of this lovely magazine by Leanne Beasley!

Not only is there beautiful stitching inspiration, but there are beautiful recipes too!

And the next two blocks of the "Vignette in Stitches" quilt!  Must get stitching on that quilt!   So there is some inspiration for us all!


  1. Really pretty quilt. love the hearts.

  2. Thank you so much Fiona....now I'm looking forward to seeing your table runner some time!

  3. I have always wanted to make that runner too!!!! The new Vignette is lovely. Love the ladies' knitted purses.

  4. sounds like you are really busy Fiona, and your group is producing some fabulous projects, well done. Can't wait for Vignette to arrive here.
    So when are you and David visiting NZ again???


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