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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Penny Bag Finishes and Other Things!!

Our Needlework group is now in recess for a couple of weeks for school holidays here ..... but there were lots of special things to share last night and this morning .....  Sue's version of the Penny Bag is gorgeous ....

This is the first of Ethel's two bags she is making ...

And likewise ... Sandra is making two ... don't you love the quirky lining fabric?

This was a special moment this morning ..... and it beautifully displays the friendships in our group .... here is Karen in the red showing our most distinguished member,  Evelyn, how to make a frilly knitted scarf like the red one Karen is wearing!   Evelyn does the most beautiful embroidery and needlework and although her eyesight is slowly letting her down, her tenacity to tackle a project is amazing .... a gorgeous photo ladies!   (... and my nearly finished "My Favourite Things" quilt is hanging behind them!)

Ethel has made some lovely silk ribbon embroidered glasses cases ...

And Bev has finished off her knitted beaded purse .... see the random white bead (middle left) in amongst all those gorgeous peacock coloured beads??

Margaret showing us her bright and breezy quilt!

The colours are fabulous!

Pat's first ever quilt .... put together, quilted and with binding on .... she is now hooked .... we had to get her a cutting board, cutter and ruler at the Craft Fair ... so there will be no stopping her now!

And Pauline's lovely version of the counted thread needle roll ... she has put some gorgeous crystals into the centre of the heart ... it looks beautiful!    


  1. Your group is very talented.Those bags are gorgeous, the pennies look so good on black. Lovely to see the sharing of skills at any time, but Evelyn is an inspiration. Hope I'm still creating and learning at her age.

  2. Fantastic group...love the penny bags...

  3. Love the photo of the "girls" sharing their craft...adore those penny bags!

  4. What a talented group of gals! Thank you so much for sharing their work with us.

    And I love your bag collection...reminds me of my scarf collection. I might need to do a post with pictures of my scarves one day.


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