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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Tagine Dinner and The Winery

It has been sooooooo cold here this weekend - although the sun was out for a while this morning while we enjoyed a walk along the beaches and coastline with the dog!  Last night's dinner steamed away merrily in the tagine as I stitched ..... Morrocan lamb and vegetables ..... mmmmmmmm!!

This almost looks like I have a very clean stove .... not now !!

This afternoon we enjoyed Jazz at the local winery for Ann's birthday .... great music, a bowl of steaming hot soup, and a bottle or two of red!   This is how every Sunday afternoon should be!

When the sun came out the winery was in full swing .... great music with local band "Santosa"!

Ash and Tim!

Ash's friends .... Kaz (on the left), Jill (in the middle) and our daughter Ash!    Now I'm at home with a hot coffee and stitching on my lap .... just settling in for the next couple of hours!!  I hope your long weekend is great .... wherever you may be!

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