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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Family Reunion in Sydney

Enjoyed a fantastic family reunion in Sydney last night when all our children were back in the country for the first time in 8 long months!  We celebrated Elliott's return from his overseas posting, his and Andreas flight over to Sydney for a few days, Ashleigh's 26th birthday, Sam and Nards return from Greece and Croatia, and Chelsea and David and I all being together .... fantastic night at Ventuno Italian Restaurant overlooking the beautiful Walsh Bay in Sydney.  Fun and laughter and lots of love ..... I'm like the mother hen at the moment!!!  Loving it!!   L to R ... Tim, Ash, Sam, Nadia, Chelsea, David, me, Elliott, Andrea !!


  1. Gotta love it when the whole family can get together!!

  2. Great photo, Fiona and so lovely to have them all under your motherly wings again!

  3. Beautiful family photo. Enjoy your time together.

  4. I bet you had a blast catching up with them!

    The last time my whole family was together was in 2004, during the festivities for my parents' wedding (they remarried after being divorced for 30+ years).

  5. You must be absolutely thrilled! You certainly had a lot of catching up to do.
    I know that I love having all my boys under one roof again.
    It's a fantastic family photo!


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