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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Gorgeous "Sewing Angel Tool Store"

This is another of the beautiful pieces I saw at Urban Stitches last weekend ..... this very gorgeous version of Anni Downs "Sewing Angel Tool Store" ...

I think I love this so much because this little sewing angel has an orange dress on!!!   And I'm a bit of an orange girl!!   The inside flap has beautiful stitchery ....

The pockets inside hold all manner of little sewing bits and pieces .... scissors, needles, pins, thread ...

And it was beautifully made by this lovely mum, Carmel, for her gorgeous daughter, Olivia ... how lucky is she??   We were fortunate to share at table with these two lovely ladies at Urban Stitches! 

And apart from a little stitchery on the inside panel, this is where I'm up to with my Angel Tool Store ... so I must get a bit of a hurry on and finish her off!!

We have had our daughter Ash and her Tim down this weekend with some of their friends, so a bit of wedding organisation has been accomplished in between a little bit of stitching, a few sunny beach walks, and a lot of chatting and eating !!  Good times !!  I hope your weekend has been enjoyable too!!


  1. I love seeing different versions of the same pattern. Yours will be lovely when it's finished.u

  2. I have had a lovely weekend, thank you. I have just posted about it on my blog. I love the Angel tool store design. Yours is going to be gorgeous.

  3. A lovely sewing case !!

  4. the sewing case is gorgeous, i just love Anni s work it is so recognisable


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