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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Lovely Day for a Walk ......

It's such a beautiful winters day here .... far too nice to be inside stitching ...... so we have had a fabulous walk along the beaches and headlands ....... a standup paddleboarder enjoying a morning paddle ....

We couldn't keep Nala out of the water ..... she wanted to keep swimming ....

Wet and jumping over the rocks ........ keeping an eye out for whales but we didn't see any this morning ....

And sitting on the rocks at the end of the beach enjoying the sunshine .... David and Nala ..... maybe some stitching on the deck in the sunshine is in order .....


  1. It was a magical day on 'our' beaches today, wasn't it? It's the best time of the year!

  2. Beautiful pictures. Its strange to think in other parts of the world it is nice and cold now while my part of the world (Florida, USA) is really hot and rainy! I'll swap seasons with you. :)


  3. Looks like a gorgeous day. Glad someone's getting some sunshine.

  4. Thanks for taking me on a walk with you, I really needed that!

  5. I cannot bellieve the size of Nala now...all grown up and very perty. Like Jennifer I would swap the weather with you, we are heading for the 40`s celcius this week. That is unheard of in Ontario Canada!!
    I`m melting!!!( all I can think of is The Witch in wizard of OZ)
    you do have a lovely beach to walk on great to live so close to the water and to be on the lookout for whales would just be phenominal!!

  6. Gorgeous photos - wish I was there!
    Nala is beautiful!


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