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Monday, July 23, 2012

More of Urban Stitches

I took lots of photos at Urban Stitches to share ... so you would  feel like you had been there too!!  And how delicious was the food ..... these gorgeous chocolates were in the middle of each table ... and ours was a little depleted by the end of the day!!

Some of the gorgeous dessert selections at lunch time ....

.... and more ....

.... and more ..... mmmmmmm delicious!!

It was great to see so many of Leanne, Rosie and Melly's projects "in the flesh" .... I find they so often look so much better in real life than in the pattern photos ....

A gorgeous selection of Leanne's pincushions ....

And simply blessed we were ......

Leanne's gorgeous project from last years Urban Stitches ....

And it was really special to be able to see Leanne's beautiful Vignette mystery quilt .... absolutely beautiful and great inspiration for those of us who haven't quite got to the same place she has at the moment ....

Had to share these ..... Rosie's gorgeous flowery shoes ....

And it was lovely to catch up and meet Sharon from Lilabelle Lane and to meet Meg from Perth!!  I will show some of the lovely quilts on display tomorrow!!


  1. looks like this was an amazing event! What wonderful things.

  2. Those desserts look delicios!
    The projects are beautiful.
    I love those shoes!

  3. all those lovely desserts and you are still so nice and thin! yummmmmm
    Love the projects it looks like it was wonderful can`t wait to see more of your pic`s thanks so much for sharing

  4. Thanks for sharing all the fun!

  5. so fun to see these... and that food... oh my... and that stitching... oh my!!!

  6. great food and projects........wonderful you got to meet Sharon and Meg...


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