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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

"My Favourite Things" Quilt Top Finished!!

After spending the weekend in Melbourne, I came home inspired to finish off my quilt before starting something new!!   I like having a few things on the go at any one time ... just for variety!!   So I sat down on Sunday afternoon and put my last row on and the borders, but had to wait until this afternoon to take a photo in good light!   I changed the wooden chair block to "baskets of flowers" ...

I love birdsong in the morning (as long as it's not too early) !!

Ready to attach the last row to the quilt ....

On the way outside to take a photo, I threw it on a queen size bed to make sure it fits .... and it does ...

And hung it on the fence to try and take a good photo .. this is as good as I could get !!   I'm over the moon that this is finished and it has been an enjoyable journey for me.    It's off to the quilter now and see what she can do with it!!


  1. WOW, WOW, WOW...well done Fiona!!! Maybe I'll see it at needlwork soon!!!

  2. Congratulations - it's a beautiful finish. Look forward to seeing how you quilt it.

  3. Lovely quilt. Looking forward to see just how the quilterputs her touch to it.

  4. How wonderful Fiona. Well done! Can't wait to see if in real life!

  5. Fiona it does look awesome you can probably see me right behind you over the moon! It really is beautiful with the quilting it will be stunning!!

  6. Fiona, it is gorgeous - can't wait to see it quilted. You must be so happy.

  7. What a fabulous quilt, beautiful work...x

  8. OMG it is gorgeous.........well done.......


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