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"She who sews with courtesy reaps friendship and she who sews with kindness finds love"

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Friday, August 17, 2012

A little bit more of the Little Quilt Store ....

I have had such lovely emails and comments about my previous post about the Little Quilt Store ... it seems everyone wishes they could be there too!!!   Here are some more photos ...... lovely cushions in a wooden box !

These little puppy slippers were beautifully embroidered and very tempting .... I think my puppy would eat them!!

This little shelf was full of Halloween inspired projects ...

More beautiful designs .... too many to choose from ....

I loved the colours and design of the "Pond House" quilt of Lynette's!

"A Dog's Life" quilt was too cute for words .... beautifully quilted too !

This lovely butterfly quilt was behind the front counter of the shop ... and very beautiful too!

Some of the lovely projects on display from Lynette's book ... I have made the little sewing case and love it!

Gorgeous cushions above the front counter ....

The shop window ........ very inviting ........

My beautiful bag of shopping ... shall I share with you???

I can't show everything because I did purchase some gifts but .... a couple of lovely designs I had to add to my stash and some lovely muted background colours for stitching .....

I "needed" a little bundle of Lynette's new Christmas fabric range ... so beautifully tied and finished off with a lovely wooden button!

Look at all these lovely Christmas fabrics .........

And another cute little bundle of fabrics .... and there was a little bit more .... but it's a secret!!!   So if you are in the area, do drop in and visit Lynette .... you will be bowled over with creativity and friendliness in the "Little Quilt Store"!!


  1. I just love this shop! What a shame it is so far away. Thanks for showing all the pictures.

  2. beautiful pieces. thank you for sharing.

  3. I'm completely under the charm !!


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