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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I finished "My Favourite Things" Quilt !

How happy I am to post that I have finally finished "My Favourite Things" quilt!!  I put the final binding stitches on this morning at Needlework and I'm really happy with the end result!!

It's hard to get the whole quilt in one small photo ... but here it is hanging on the fence at the church this morning.  I bound it in a red which I had used in the quilt and I just love it!!     It has been beautifully quilted by my friend Jenny who does such an amazing job of quilting for me!  Thankyou Jenny!

And for the label I have used one of Anni's own printed labels and written in my quilt details, added a bit of the left over binding fabric and sewn onto the back .... all done and dusted!!  

Last week we put together another quilt to raffle with some of the basket embroideries left over from last year's quilt !   This is the end result ... "Paisley Patches" ...  again beautifully quilted by Jenny!

I loved the paisley fabric which sort of matches most of the blocks!

And the label on the back is using the last of the embroidered squares which is just perfect!   This quilt is going to be specially raffled at "Stitching in the Hills" this weekend just outside Canberra, so if you are coming, you may be lucky enough to take home this lovely quilt at the end of the weekend!!   Good luck!!


  1. Wow! What a beautiful quilt. Congratulations on your finish!

  2. Congratulations Fiona. It's a beautiful finish. Your raffle quilt is lovely too, So much work in those baskets.

  3. Fiona: Congratulations on your finish how exciting I love the colors and theme.
    Paisly Patches is so cute, the basket quilt is so adorable.

  4. Your My Favourite Things quilt is just stunning... and so is the basket quilt... so great to have finishes - especially such beautiful ones ...

  5. I Love your Version of 'my favourite things' quilt..well done Fiona it is Gorgeous.

  6. Your favourite things quilt is gorgeous, and the basket quilt is stunning.

  7. What an absolutely wonderful quilt Fiona!! You've done an amazing job on it.

  8. Fiona your quilt is gorgeous..........you should be very proud to have this finished........thanks for being a great SAL member........

  9. This quilt is so beautiful - congrats on the finish!



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