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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Relaxing ..... and Stitching in the Hills

I'm fortunate to be following up our "Stitching in the Hills" weekend with a little relaxing time somewhere special in Queensland (while David does a course) ......  the pool at dusk last night ....

This beautifully lit old tree full of fairy lights ....

And the most gorgeous pink sunset ....

I do have some more photos to share from "Stitching in the Hills" though ....  the room was decorated with some of our quilts we have made ...

This was the gorgeous raffle quilt which I won last year at Christmas time made by the ladies in our Needlework group ...

Diane and Celia (mother and daughter) stitching away the day !!

Here is Sylvia trying to tempt Sue and Paddy with some of the delicous scones at morning tea!

Steph and Sam with some of their beautiful little bits and pieces to buy!

This was the formal attire worn by some of the ladies at the pj party on Saturday night!!

And more happy pj party attendees !!   (They will probably kill me for putting these photos here ... but we did have fun!!)

And Sue decided a red boa completed her pyjama outfit!!   And ..... oh .... is that a glass of wine I see/????

Valerie was the very lucky winner of our raffle quilt on the weekend ... she was very very happy to be taking this lovely quilt home with her .... made by the ladies of our Needlework group to raise funds for a local organisation!   Well done ladies and congratulations to Valerie!!


  1. Excellent organization. Stitching retreat followed by warm relaxing Qld. I like your style!

  2. ooooh that pool looks very much like the one at sanctuary cove....Enjoy and have a lovely time...xo

  3. wow what a wonderful time you are having, love the PJ party


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