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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Urban Stitching Bag

I have finally finished off part of my set from my trip to Urban Stitches in Melbourne this year!  Rosalie Quinlan made a gorgeous "Urban Sewing Set"  and I have really enjoyed stitching with the wonderful bright and utterly divine Cosmo threads .... I have made the larger design into my version of an "urban stitching bag" (which Rosalie made into a large pincushion) ....

I used the fabric which Rosalie provided us with in the kits and found the same fabric in hot pink to line my bag and make the casings ....  this is a closeup before I gathered it up and sewed it onto the front of my bag ... and that would be an aqua blue ironing board cover in the background !!

I loved all the stitching on this project .... the hot pink outside and inner circle scallops are all worked in satin stitch ... very time consuming but effective ...

And what sewing project is now in this bag???   The smaller design which is what actually should be on the front of the small sewing bag designed by Rosalie .... I'm going to make this smaller design into a pincushion ...  and use all of those gorgeous bright coloured Cosmo threads ....

Here is the cover of Rosalie's pattern ... large pincushion, small sewing bag and tiny scissor keeper .... my full set will soon be complete ....   and this will be a lovely reminder of a fabulous weekend in Melbourne at Urban Stitches ....and if you look on Rosalie's website, you will see details of "Urban Stitches 2013" and her selection of wonderful patterns !! 


  1. It's beautiful Fiona. The stitchery is so appealing in those bright colours. Will you make the little scissor keep too?

  2. what a lovely set Fiona and i love the changes that you made,well done.xx

  3. That embroidery is really wonderful. The bright colors just make it so happy and fun to look at!

  4. Beautiful.:)Very nice design.I love the hearts in the houses.:)

  5. Fiona, your stitching is just divine! Especially your satin stitch. Makes me a little bit nervous for my efforts with our Christmas angel swap!


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