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Friday, October 5, 2012

A B C D ..... d is for dog!!

Well, true to form, I have completely changed the next block on my "Red Home" quilt .... I decided that I'm a bit more of a dog person than a cat person (sorry all you cat lovers) .... so I decided to incorporate our gorgeous chocolate labrador, Nala, into my quilt again (I think I did this on Anni Downs "My Favourite Things" quilt too!!) ..... and this is the result !!    I played around with Lynette Anderson's dog pattern and shrunk it to my size requirement (she has a gorgeous labrador too and if you look at her designs and books, she uses lots of pictures of "Hugo" in her work) !!

This is what the block should have looked like ... this is from the "Red Home" book ....

And still on the red fabric theme .... this is the start of a little project for our Needlework group .... red baskets .... these are Sue Daley's template design incorporated into my pattern design ... you may just see these baskets full of embroidered flowers by tomorrow!  


  1. this is looking fantastic Fiona,well done.xx

  2. So beautiful! All of your quilts are breathtaking! I shouldn't be looking -- I sold all my cross stitch stuff years ago and now am repurchasing everything. And a year ago I gave away all my quilting stuff! I'm going to regret it - I just know it! I MUST look through your blog some more!!

  3. I am a dog person too. Love your personalisation.

  4. Great to see the chocolate labs represented!!!


  5. I'm a dog lover so I just love your block!! And your red baskets too!

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  7. That block is really something. It looks astonishing. The red and dog theme works well together.

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