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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Creative Space

I had a rainy Saturday clean up of my "creative space" yesterday!!!  And this is the result .... it may not look this tidy again for a while ....  this doubles as a spare bedroom too .... hence the queen size bed with "My Favourite Things" quilt folded over the end!!

This hutch holds a myriad of sewing bits and pieces ... it may not look tidy ... but there is some order here and everything is at my fingertips !

Some essential magazines and books, my sewing machine, a work in progress on my cutting mat, and my corkboards full of photos and inspiration !!   Now .... just to find some more time to be creative!!


  1. such a lovely area Fiona,have a good week.xx

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Fiona, sometimes it is wonderful to walk into a freshly arranged area to work in. Love your cover for your machine and those cute baskets (I have been seeing them allover blogland lately)
    I too have been rearranging this is my third time cause I bought a sturder iron bakers rack. will post pictures later.
    thanks for sharing your wonderful space now lets see what you create next.
    I deleted my first post cause I am looking at Nala`s picture and then called you Nala so sorry...LOL

  4. Nice job.I am trying to turn the computer room into my stitching room too and it overwhelms me..You ladies that have a spare room to put all your stitching things in are so lucky..

  5. Your have a wonderful space and so neat. There is nothing better than having a space where all your things are nicely arranged!

  6. You have a beautiful workplace.:)Mine is in our living-room ,a corner for me.It was upstairs in the "attic"let it name like that,but there was very dark...

  7. Looks like a great space to me Fiona and very tidy. I am sure great things will be created here...x

  8. What a beautiful sewing room! I could spend hours in there even if I didn't sew!


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