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Monday, October 15, 2012

Red Home Quilt

In between doing some Secret Santa Stitching and Stitching Day Stitching ..... I have finished off two more blocks for my "Red Home" quilt .....  the flower trio block ....

This block gets sewn onto the bottom of the block I altered to add in my dog ...

And the jug of flowers block ....

So .... a little production happening on this quilt .... I'm enjoying stitching this together ... and only have a couple more applique blocks to complete before I can put the centre together ....

And later this week I'm off to Bali for a week with our youngest daughter for some quality mother daughter time and a week of relaxation ..... and maybe a little bit of stitching ..... can't wait .... but there is a lot to do this week before I leave .....


  1. Sounds Divine Fiona....Enjoy your time with your daughter in bali...x

  2. Your quilt is looking good. Enjoy your break.

  3. Love your quilt. How wonderful to be able to go away for a week of quality time with your daughter. I am feeling quite envious - I lost my mother very suddenly just three years ago last week. Enjoy this special time.

  4. Have fun in Bali - I have never been, but one of my sisters loves it!

    Your quilt is looking beautiful!

  5. Hope you both have a great time, Fiona. :)

  6. Mmmm!! This quilt looks so nice !! It's a pleasure to look at your progresses !
    Have a good time in Bali ! it will be a dream !!

  7. Ohh your quilt is looking great, how wonderful to be going to Bali with your daughter , have a great time

  8. Oh this is very nice. I'll have to have a look at that :)
    And Bali, how lovely :)


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