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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Stitching on the Lake Week 1

Sylvia and I had a wonderful day sharing with the ladies at "Stitching on the Lake" in Canberra yesterday!   Lots of lovely ladies chatting, eating, stitching and laughing always makes for a great day!!  Here we are having a little break for a photo!! 

Before everyone arrived the room looked quiet and peaceful and very very colourful!!

Table 6 was ready to go with the mandatory sweets to munch on and a festive Christmas tree !

We used fabrics from Anni Downs new Christmas range to make our name tags !  Some on pink bags..

And some on green ....

All set and ready to go ....  you can just see the Hobbysew Belconnen stall in the background setting up!

Some of this lovely group were enjoying their first Stitching Day with us !!  Lots of fun here !!

Lots of laughs and not a lot of stitching !!

Catching up after travelling away for some ....

And some renewing old acquaintances .....

And some making new friends ....  a great day was had by all .... more photos to come !! 


  1. Congratulations. It looks like a beautiful day.

  2. the perfect weekend.xx

  3. Any time away sewing is a good day :)


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