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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Hawaiian sunsets

We have enjoyed our time here in Hawaii and the weather has been perfect.   It is amazing that we are in shops and hotels full of beautiful Christmas decorations and a little bit funny to hear so many different versions of "white christmas" played while we are enjoying the sun and heat!   Our hotel has the most beautiful decorations .....

My brother is a member of the Outrigger Canoe Club on Waikiki and we went there for a visit and came across Santa in outrigger canoe!!

Another gorgeous Hawaiian sunset !

It's the little touches that make the Halekaluni Hotel so beautiful .... each night on our pillows there is something special .... this lovely silver bookmark arrived last night!

We hired a jeep convertible and when it arrived it was orange!!!  (They must have known I like orange!!)   We cruised around the whole of the island of Oahu yesterday which was great fun!

Coming from a big family of surfers, we had to travel to the north shore to Sunset Beach and the site of the current Billabong Pipe Masters competition ....

The surf wasn't big enough so the comp wasn't on yesterday ...but it was lovely just seeing the beautiful beaches ...

Looking back down towards the Pipeline!

Posters and palm trees heralding the competition!

And this old surfer was happy to be on the sand at Waimea Bay so he could sing the Beach Boys song ... but the surf was absolutely flat which was a little disappointing ...

On the top of Oahu we lunched at the Turtle Bay Resort which was beautiful ... here is the wedding pavillion ...

It was fun to watch the surfers on the point and some of them were giving lessons to little children which was great fun to see!

Looking back over the pool area at Turtle Bay!

Beautifully carved wooden boards in the reception area ....

Yet another gorgeous Hawaiian sunset ... this one was accompanied by a Blue Hawaiian cocktail ....

And someone thought it would be a good idea to share my shopping bags ....  feeling a little bit like "pretty woman" ....  don't you love the Macy's red "believe" bag??     We have had a great time and don't really want the holiday to end .... but we are heading home tomorrow .... back to work and reality .... and some stitching hopefully!!!


  1. what a beautiful place Fiona,thankyou for sharing your holiday,have a safe journey home.xx

  2. It all looks wonderful, Fiona. Can't believe the car was "orange"! Love all the shopping!

  3. Thanks you for sharing. I needed a dose of home of our hearts!

  4. Ohhh looks like you had a wonderful time!!! Travel home safe!

  5. What a wonderful holiday you are having.
    Perfect timing before the christmas rush.
    Merry Christmas Heather


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